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Iqbal Bahu:

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Panje maihal, panjaan wich chaanan,
Deevaa kit val dharee-e hoo.

Panje maihar, panje patwaaree,
Haasil kit val bharee-e hoo.

Panj imaam te panje qible,
Sajdaah kit val karee-e hoo.

Je sahib sir mange Baahoo,
Hargiz dhill na karee-e hoo.


Within me are five great mansions- All five brightly lit;
What need have I of another lamp?

I am no longer accountable To the five lords and tax collectors,
Who barricade the inner path.

Five prayer leaders call the faithful To the five mosques within.
What need have I of another mosque?

IF the Lord calls for your head,
O Bahu, do not hesitate; offer it at once.


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Lyrics with Translation:

Alif Allah chambe di booti, Murshid man wich laaee hoo
Nafee asbaat da pane milia, Har rage harjae hoo.
Andar booti mushk machaya, Jaan phullan te aae hoo
Jeeve Murshid Kaamil Bahu, Jain eh booti laee hoo

My Master Has Planted in My Heart the Jasmine of Allah’s Name.
Both My Denial That the Creation is Real and My Embracing of God, the Only Reality, Have Nourished the Seedling Down to its Core.
-When the Buds of Mystery Unfolded Into the Blossoms of Revelation, My Entire Being Was Filled with God’s Fragrance.
-May the Perfect Master Who Planted this Jasmine in My Heart Be Ever Blessed, O Bahu!

Allaah parhion hafiz hoion, Na giaa hijabon pardaa hoo
Parhh parhh aalim faazil hoion, Taalib hoion zar daa hoo
Lakh hazar kitabaan parhiaan, Zaalim nafs na mardaa hoo
Baajh Faqeraan kise na mareya, Eho chor andar daa hoo

-You Have Read the Name of God Over and Over, You Have Stored the Holy Qur’an in Your Memory, But this Has Still Not Unveiled the Hidden Mystery.
-Instead, Your Learning and Scholarship Have Sharpened Your Greed for Worldly Things,
-None of the Countless Books You’ve Read in Your Life Has Destroyed Your Brutal Ego.
-Indeed, None But the Saints Can Kill this Inner Thief, for it Ravages the Very House in Which it Lives.

Alif-aihad jad dittee wiskaalee, Az khud hoiaa fane hoo
Qurb, Wisaal, Maqaam na Manzil, Na uth jism na jaanee hoo
Na uth Ishq Muhabbat kaee, Na uth kaun makanee hoo
Aino-ain theeose Bahu, Sirr Wahadat Subhanee hoo

-When the One Lord Revealed Himself to Me, I Lost Myself in Him.
-Now There is Neither Nearness Nor Union. There is No Longer A Journey to Undertake, No Longer A Destination to Reach.
-Love Attachment, My Body and Soul and Even the Very Limits of Time and Space Have All Dropped From My Consciousness.
-My Separate Self Has Merged in the Whole: in That, O Bahu, Lies the Secret of the Unity That is God!

Allaah sahee keetose jis dam, Chamkiaa Ishq agohaan hoo
Raat dihaan de taa tikhere, Kare agohaan soohaan hoo
Andae bhaaheen, Andar baalan, Andar de wch dhoohaan hoo
‘Shaah Rag’ theen Raab nerhe laddhaa, Ishq keetaa jad soohaan hoo

-The Moment I Realized the Oneness of God, the Flame of His Love Shone Within, to Lead Me On.
-Constantly it Burns in My Heart with Intense Heat, Revealing the Mysteries Along My Path.
-This Fire of Love Burns Inside Me with No Smoke, Fuelled by My Intense Longing for the Beloved.
-Following the Royal Vein, I Found the Lord Close By. My Love Has Brought Me Face to Face with Him.

Alif alast suniaa dil mere, Jind balaa kookendee hoo
Hubb watan dee haalib hoee, Hik pal saun na dendee hoo
Qaihar pave is raazan duneeaa, Haq daa raah marendee hoo
Aashiq mool qabool na Bahu, Zaaro zaar ruvendee hoo

When, At the Time of Creation, God Separated Me From Himself, I Heard Him Say: “am I Not Your God?” , “indeed You Are,” Cried My Soul, Reassured. Since Then Has My Heart Flowered.
-With the Inner Urge to Return Home, Giving Me Not A Moment of Calm Here on Earth.
-May Doom Strike this World! it Robs Souls on Their Way to God.
-The World Has Never Accepted His Lovers; They Are Persecuted and Left to Cry in Pain.

Iqbal Baho


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Alam Lohar


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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Pathanay Khan

Owais Raza Qadri

Wadali Brothers

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Ali Zafar & Tufail Ahmed (Coke Studio)

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Selected poetry from Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh Saheb’s “Saif-ul-Malook”. English translation by Saeed Ahmed (Govt. College of Commerce, Rawalpindi).


(Part 8 of 8 )


Ehnaa galan theen keeh labhdaa eyb kisey da karnaa,
Aapna aap sanbhaal Muhammad jo karna so bharnaa.

What do we gain by back-biting?
Save yourself O Muhammad! for as you sow, so shall you reap.


Wali Allah dey mardey nahi kardey parda poshi,
Kee hoya jey dunyaa uton tur gaye naal khamoshi.

The saints (favorites of Allah) do not die, they just hide behind the veil,
So what if they leave the world silently?


Fazal kareyn tey bakhshey jaawan meyn jeay moonh kaley,
Adal kareyn tey thar thar kamban ucheyaan shaanaan waley.

God! if you show mercy, sinners like me will be absolved.
If you perform justice, even people of pomp and show will tremble in fear.


Aai jaan shikanjey ander jeyon welan wich ganna,
Roh noo keh hun reh Muhammad jey rahwey tey mannaa.

Life is trapped n agonies like sugarcane in the crushing roller,
O Muhammad! in this condition it is impossible for the juice to withhold.


Lakh hazar bahar husan dee khako wich samanee,
Laa paree ajehe Muhammad! jag wich rahey kahane.

A million springs of beauty will dissolve into dust,
O Muhammad! love in such a manner that you are remembered for ever.


Kandey sakht gulaban waaley doroon weykh na daryey,
Chobhaan jhaley rat chawayey jhol phuleen tadh bharye.

Don’t watch the thorns of roses fearfully from afar,
Unless you endure being pricked and bleeding you cannot fill your pouch with flowers.


Kaley pathar ghupey sardey, ander kan Badakhshan,
Eyhaan wichon laal banaaey, be-behaa darkhshaan.

The black stone of Badakhshan(Afghanistan) mines burn in the sun,
As a result, many of such stones turn into shining and precious diamonds.


Dhondhaan waaley murran na khali, khud hazrat farmanwey,
Wekhaan saif malookey walon jo lorey so paway.

The seekers never return empty handed, says Hazrat,
Look at Saif-ul-Malook, he gets whatever he seeks.


Dhoondaan wala rehya na khal, dhondh keti jis sache,
Dhoond kareyndajo murr aaya, dhoondh ohdey ey kachee.

A true seeker ill never remain empty-handed,
His search was halfhearted if he return empty-handed.


Kujh wasaah na saah aey da man kehyaa fer karnaa,
Jis jusey noon chhand chhand rakhey khaak ander wanj dharnaa.

Do not be proud because the breath may or may not come,
The body, which you keep so clean from the dust,
ultimately has to dissolve into dust.


Moti kad miley murr sipaan wanj peyay wich lryaan,
Dgyan phalyaan khako ralyaan fer rukheen kad chatyaan.

When pearls are thread, they never return to their shes.
As pods fallen into the dust never climb back to the tree.


Kaale ik ik wicharr chaly gorey khat liyeaey,
Banho bhaar tiyaar safar da kooch sunehey aaey.

On by one my black hairs started leaving me,
Grey hair has brought me the message to pack up
and prepare for the eternal journey.


Izrail farishta aaya ley ley hukm janaabi,
Parrhyaa shah da kalmaa ditee jaan shataabe.

Izrael (the Angel of Death) brought the divine command,
Shah (father of prince) recited words of true love (Ishq) and instantly gave away his life


Uddaya bhor asmaaney charrhyaa, aeyos bo bahishtee,
Gaya malaah Muhammad Baksha chorr shakatee khahtee.

The big black wasp (soul) flew towards the heaven and
to felt the departed leaving behind his worn out boat.
(Boatman is a soul and the worn out or broken boat i the body)


Hud hud chut gaya is qeydoon chhik lagee sarkaari,
Shehr saba noon hoyaa rawaanah kar k teyz uddaree.

The wood-pecker was freed from this prison because the call came from Al-mighty,
He flew swiftly to the city of Saba.
The human body is the cage for the soul (Bird)


Duniyaa naal na gayee kisey dey ur Tur gaey akaley,
Oh bhaley jehnaan chhand rakhey is dhoorroon hath paley.

Worldly wealth does not accompany any one ti the world to come,
Those who get rid of this dust and keep their hands and cloth clean are better than others.


Danishmandaan da kaam naaheen dunyaa tey dil laana,
Is wohttee lakh khaawand keetey, jo keta so khaana.

It does not behoove the wise to love this world,
This bride is not loyal to anyone,
sje married millions of husbands and devoured each and every one.

saif_ul_malook_180Jis chhadee eyh bachey khaan soyo sugharr seyanaa,
Eysee ddaien naal Muhammad kaahnoon aqad nabhaanaa.

Anyone who divorces this child-eater is really wise,
O Muhammad! why should one keep in wedlock such a vampire.


Duniyaa utey kaoon aman wich, har koe dukhyaraa,
Bewafaa sanar Muhammad, thag bazaaree bharaa.

Who is at peace here? Everyone is grieved,
O Muhammad! this unfaithful world is a big racketeer.

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Selected poetry from Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh Saheb’s “Saif-ul-Malook”. English translation by Saeed Ahmed (Govt. College of Commerce, Rawalpindi).


(Part 7 of 8 )

saif_ul_malook_111Sabar karey taan ajar miley gaa, aai khabar Kitaboon,
Sabr utaarey qufl Mohammad har har mushkil baaboon.

Be patient, patience will be rewarded, so the Holy Book informs us.
Patience unlocks all the doors of difficulties.

saif_ul_malook_112Kach vee mankaa laal vee manka, ikko rang dohaan daa,
Jad srafaan aggey jawan, farq hazaar kohaan da.

Glass is a stone, so is a pearl. Both have the same color and look alike,
But when they are presented to jewelers, they point out the limitless difference between the two.

saif_ul_malook_114Sukhaan eyeshaan maojaan ander har koee yaar kahaandaa,
Sangee so jo tangee tak ke baney panjhaal dukhaandaa.

Everyone pretends to be your friend when are happy, rich and enjoying life’s luxuries.
The true friend is one who shares your sorrows and does not abandon when you are in trouble.

saif_ul_malook_115Dunyaa utey jo kaam na aaya, okhey sokhey weyley,
Us beyfaizey sangi kolon behtar yaar akley.

It is better keep away from an insincere friend who does not help you when you are in trouble.

saif_ul_malook_116Maan na keyjiye roup ghaney da waris kon husn da,
Sada na rehsn shaakhaan hayaan sada na phul chaman da.

Don’t be proud of beauty because no one can preserve it.
Branches do not remain green nor flowers bloom forever in the garden.

saif_ul_malook_117Koorra banda rabb na bhaway, Yuman zubaan na rehndaa.
Gal ohde koi manda naheen sab jag jhotta kehndaa.

God does not like a liar because his tongue loses blessings.
No one believes in what he says and all call him a liar.

saif_ul_malook_118Tere ot panah khudaaya hor naheen kujh sujhda,
Jis deevey noon aapon baaleyn kad kisey theen bujhdaa.

O God! nothing comes to my mind but to take shelter behind you,
The lamp you kindle can never be put out by anyone.

saif_ul_malook_120Sabar kareen naumeed naa hoween lesayn ajar janaabon,
Mithey howan rehmaanee behtr kaar shataaboon.

Be patient and never lose hope. you will get your reward from God.
Deeds done discretely and with patience are divine and they are better than works done in an irrational hurry.

saif_ul_malook_121Oho sahib malkaam wala aseen tuseen sabh bandey,
Har ek da rakhwala aapey, kiyaa changey kiya mandey.

He has angels to work for him, while we are merely humans.
He protects everyone without discriminating between the good or bad.


Sarr apoon de lazat horaan, misl sharab kababaan,
Aap fana ho zaatee ral khaan waangan aab habaabaan.

Burn yourself like kebabs or wine sprinkled on the kebabs for the delight of others.
Merge yourself in the One as the bubbles dissolve in water.

saif_ul_malook_123Jo shaair bey-peerraa howey sukhan shdey wee ruhkey,
Bey-perrey theen shair na hundaa, aag bin duhwaan na dukkhey.

If a poet has no sense of sorrow,his verses are also shallow (without depth or passion).
Poetry without sorrows is not possible just as fire does not burn without smoke.


Aasey aasey umer guzari jhaley khar hazaraan,
Mali bagh na wekhan deyndaa, aayan jadon baharaan.

We spent our life hoping against hope for the spring came and endured all sorts of thorns,
When the spring came, the gardener did not permit us even to peep into the garden.


Aasey asey gai jawani fikar peyaa hun eha,
Kaalyaan rang wataayaa goraa aaya moat sunhyaa.

Youth passed, hoping against hope and the worry now is that my black hair has turned gray and it is a message of death.

saif_ul_malook_126Sada bhaar deyaan is baaghey kadee khizaan na aawey,
Howan feyz hazaraan taayeen har bhukha phal khaaway.

O God! let spring always reign over this garden and let not autumn come (enter) here ever.
May blessing reach all and may every hungry person eat fruit.

saif_ul_malook_127Jis yaari wich laalch howey, kadey oh torr na charrdhee,
Chader lero leer Muhammad, kanddyaan naal jo arrdee.

Friendship based on greed is not durable.
O Muhammad! the shawl is torn into two pieces when entangled with thorns.

saif_ul_malook_129Dukhye di gal dukheyaan sunda, sukhyey dee gal sukhyaa,
Dukhyaa haaye karey taan kolon sukhya hundaa dukhyaa.

The grieved listen to grieved and the joyful to the joyful.
As the grieved sob, the joyful feels perturbed.

saif_ul_malook_137Qadar pulhaan da bulbul janey saaf damaghaan waalee,
Qadar pulhaan da girj ki janey murdey khawan waalee.

Only the clear headed nightingale knows the real worth of flowers,
The vulture knows not the value of flowers as it eats corpses.

saif_ul_malook_138Aamaan be-ikhlasaan ander khaasaan dee gal karnee,
Mithee kheer paka Muhammad kutyaan aggey dharnee.

To talk sense before insincere people is like preparing kheer (pudding) and presenting it to dogs.


Bas mera kujh zor na chalnda keeh tusaada khonna,
Lissey da keh zor Muhammad nas jaanaa ya rona.

I am hopeless and cannot harm you at all,
O Muhammad! the weak can only weep or runaway.

saif_ul_malook_140Jey oh jean mangay taan jaldee sir aggay chaa dharyay,
So syaanaa te mat ikko gahnhay kolon dareye.

If a big powerful gun demands your life, place your head before him instantly,
A hundred sages will give you the same advice: Be afraid of the tyrants.

saif_ul_malook_141Verey dushman moye gayee da assh wasaah na karyey,
Sap moey da kandaa chubhey phir bhee dardeen maryey.

Do not feel at ease even when the enemy has gone or is dead,
Even if the fang of a dead snake pricks you, you may die of pain.

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Selected poetry from Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh Saheb’s “Saif-ul-Malook”. English translation by Saeed Ahmed (Govt. College of Commerce, Rawalpindi).


(Part 6 of 8 )

saif_ul_malookJins apnee theen wicharey jehrey naajinsaan wich ae,
kaahdaa sukh sawaad ohnaan noon dam dam dukh sawaaey.

Those who desert their own species to join an alien species will never enjoy any pleasure,
Their sorrows will increase with every passing moment.


Shaan insaan jawan bhaley da malkaam naalon aggey
khol naheen eh gal Mohammad, mat koi jhagrra lagey

The greatness of a truthful man is higher than angels.
O Mohammad, don’t tell this secret t avoid a possible conflict.


Chooa, chiraa te kutaa, billa ,har koee waan dharandaa,
Too adam shehzada ho ke chhadeyn wassa gharaan daa.

Every mouse, sparrow, dog and cat has a sense of belonging and attachment to his home,
You are a prince, why are you leaving your home?

saif_ul_malook_092Apney mulk deyaan baaghaan wichchon tummey kho kho khaae,
Ghair mulk diaan baghan ande meway khaan na jaiye.

It is better to eat even the bitter fruits of your own country’s gardens,
than to go to foreign countries to eat sweet fruits.

saif_ul_malook_094Aapo apney qomey ander razi hey har kaee,
Na jinsaan dee baadshaahee theen changee des gudaaee.

Every one is happy among his own people.
To beg in your own country is better than ruling over aliens.

saif_ul_malook_095Torey kuttey ban key wich watan diyaan galyaan,
Dar dar bhaweyn dhikey khayey fer pardeson bhalyaan.

Roaming around like wandering dogs in the streets of your native
country is better than being in a foreign land even if you are pushed and kicked from all corners in your country.

saif_ul_malook_096Dard mandaan dey sukhan Muhammad, dehn gawahi haloon,
Jis phul badhey howan, aaway baas rumaalon.

The words of compassionate people stand witness to their personality.
The handkerchief filled with flowers emits fragrance.

saif_ul_malook_097Ik kaaley ik sabz kabootar ik chitey ban aaey,
Muddhoon ikko nasal Muhammad, aggoon rang wataaey.

Pigeons with different colors, black, green or white were all essentially one in the beginning,
their colors different afterwords. (Thy acquired various colors afterwords.)

saif_ul_malook_098Uchchee jae niyoon lagaaya bane museebat bhaaree,
Yaaraan bajh Muhammad Bakhshaa koan karey gham-khaaree.

Friendship with the high-ups (high & mighty people) brings hardships.
O Mohammad Baksh, who will share your grief but friends?


Mar mar ik banaawan sheesha, maar wattaa ik bhan dey,
Dunyaa utey thorey rehndey qadar shanaas sukhan dey.

Some work very hard to make a glass while some break it with a stone,
There are very few who value words (verses).


Kaam tamaam muyassar hundey naam ohdaa chit dharyaan,
Rehmoon sukey saawa kardaa qehron saarey haryaan.

All problems are solved by remembering His name. If He is gracious,
He turns the withered into green.
And if He is wrathful, He blazes the green. (He sets fire the green)


Sukhan kisey de heerey motee, koee jawaahar laalaan,
Ik deevey ik shamaa Mohammad, ik maanad mashaalan.

The verses of some people are like diamonds, pearls and rubies.
O Muhammad! The verses of others are earthenware lamps, candles or as like torches.

saif_ul_malook_102Sukhan bhalaa jo dardon bharyaa, bin dardon kujh naheen,
Narraan kamadaan farq raho da kiya kaney kiyaa kaeen.

Sympathy is the essence of good words.
Reeds look like sugarcane but what differentiates them is that they
lack the sugary juice as in the sugarcane.

saif_ul_malook_103Pardah poshi kam faqar daa meyn taalib fuqar da,
Ayeb kisey dey phol na sakan, har ek theen sharmanawaa.

A real Faqir (saint or friend of God) keeps others secrets; I also want to be a Faqir.
I cannot expose the faults of others, as I feel shy on my own account.


Danishmandoo suno tamaamee, arz faqeer kreyndaa,
Appoo changaa jey koee howey, sab noo bhalaa takeyndaa.

O Men of Wisdom! listen to what a Faqir tells you.
He who is good himself regards all others as good.


Baahro dissn meley kaaley, ander aab hayaati,
Hoth sukkhey tarhaayaan waangar jaan nadee wich nahaatee.

Some have unclean appearance but inwardly they have the water of life.
Their lips look parched like the lips of thirsty men but their souls are drenched as if bathed in water.


Rayt wajood teyrey wich sona, eveyn nazar naa aawey,
Hanjuaan da ghat paanee dohweyn, reyt matee rurrh jawey.

Gold is hidden in the sand like your body. Your are unable to discover it.
Until and unless you don’t wash the sand and clay with the water of your eyes, you cannot find the gold.


Qatra wanjh peyaa daryaawey, taan oh koan kahaaway,
Jis tey apnaa aap gawaaway aap oho ban jawey.

When a droplet dissolves in the river, what will it be called?
It becomes that for whom it has lost itself.

saif_ul_malook_108Parhna ilm zaror bandey noo keeta farz elaahe,
Karda ilm diley noo roshan, hondee dur siyahee.

God has ordained man to seek knowledge.
Knowledge illuminates the inner self and wipes out all darkness.


Ilmey karan dunya uttey aawan hey insaanaa,
Samjhey ilm wajood apeney noonnaheen tan waang hewaanaan.

Man has come to the world to attain knowledge. Knowledge teaches man to know himself.
Without knowledge he is like animal.

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Selected poetry from Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh Saheb’s “Saif-ul-Malook”. English translation by Saeed Ahmed (Govt. College of Commerce, Rawalpindi).


(Part 5 of 8 )

saif_ul_malook_08BNeykaan de sang nekee karye naslaan naeen bhulaandey
Buryaan de sang nekee kayey ultaa zoaf punchandey.

If you do good to pious men, they never forget it for generations,
If you do good to mean people, in return they will injure your feelings.

saif_ul_malook_070Loey loey bhar le kuryey, jey tudh bhandaa bharnaa,
Sham paey bin sham Mohammad, ghar jandee ne darnaa.

Come, O dear girl, fill your pitcher with water before the sun goes down,
When the sun sets and darkness prevails, you’ll be afraid of going home alone.

saif_ul_malook_071Dushamn marey tey khushee na karey, sajnaa wee mar janaa,
Deegar tey din gayaa Mohammad, orrak noon dub jana.

Do not rejoice at the death of your enemy because your friends too have to die,
The afternoon sun is soon going to set.

saif_ul_malook_072Mali da kaam pani dena, bhar bhar mashkaan pawaye,
Malik da kam phal phol lana laway ya na laway.

The gardener’s job is to water the plants with skin-bags full of water,
It is up to the lord to allow fruits and flowers to grow.

saif_ul_malook_074Neechaan dee ashnaaee kolon feyz kisey naheen paayaa,
Kikar tey angoor charyaayaa, har guchaa zakhmaayaa.

No one has ever gained goodness from the proximity (closeness) of the mean,
If you wind grapevine around an kikar (acacia) tree, every bunch of grapes will be pricked (wounded).

Moorakh noon keeh pand naseehat, pather noon keeh paalaa.
Duddhaan andar kaag nwheeye ant kaaley daa kaalaa.

Advice has no effect on a foo, just as stone is not affected by cold,
If a crow is bathed in milk it remains as black as ever.

saif_ul_malook_076Burey bandey dee sohbat eeveyn jeeveyn dukaan loharaan,
Chhung chhung ke lakh kaprey behyey, chingaan peyn hazaaraan.

The company of a bad man is like a blacksmith’s shop,
Even if you take a lot of care to protect yourself, you will get sparks in thousands.

saif_ul_malook_077Oh belee tey har koee belee, un belee vee belee,
Sajnaa bajh Mohammad Baksha, sunjee peyee haweiee.

If He is my friend then everyone is my friend, even a stranger is also is my friend,
O Muhammad Baksh! a courtyard without friends looks deserted.

saif_ul_malook_078Kaamil ishq Khudaaya bakhsheen, gher waloon mukh morraan,
Hiko janaan, Hiko takkaan, Hiko aakhaan loraan.

O God! grant me life long commitment (Ishq), I should turn away from all else,
I should know One, regard One and need One.

saif_ul_malook_079Ishqey karaan adam keetaa mehram yaar yagaanaa,
Aahey malek ibadet jogey, keeh haajet insaanaa.

God has created a unique creature (man) only for love,
Whereas angels were already to worship Him.

saif_ul_malook_080Cham cham teer pawa talwaareen aashiq na dar rehndey,
Ishq parheyz Mohammad Baksha, naheen kadey ral behndey.

Even shower of arrows or swords will not frighten (real) lovers,
O Mohammad Baksh! Ishq (Love of God) & restraint never go together.

saif_ul_malook_081Zaalim ishq be taras qasaie, reham nahi is away,
Nazuk badnaa maar rulaandaa, sehm nahi is away.

Merciless Ishq is like a ruthless butcher who does not show mercy,
It kills by humiliating delicate bodies and feels no worry.

saif_ul_malook_082Hirs majazee, shehwat baazee, jis ander wich hundee,
Har ik soorat ujlee tak kay paee tabeeat bhondee.

He who has in himself lust for the temporal world & debauchery,
is tempted by every fair face.

saif_ul_malook_083Jis sar sir ishq daa othay shehwat mool na wasdee,
Jis dil hub sajan dee us wich hub naheen har kas dee.

Lechery (lust) cannot enter a head which is filled with true love.
The heart, which has tru love of his friend, does not look towards others.

saif_ul_malook_084Peelaa mankaa neyrrey kharryey, kakh us noon ud mildey,
Lalaan naal naheen ud chamraan, raah niyaarey dil dey.

When a yellow bead is brought close to straws, they fly to meet it but they don’t embrace pearls. Strange are the ways of the heart!

saif_ul_malook_085Baal chiragh ishq da mera roshan kardey seenaa,
Dil dey deevay dee rushnaee jawey wich zameenaan.

O God! kindle the lamp of Ishq (true love) and enlighten my heart,
Let the light of my heart spread all over the earth.

saif_ul_malook_086Sachey mard safaee waley, jo kujh kehn zubanoon,
Mola paak maneyndaa ehyo pakkee khabar asaanoon.

God accepts whatsoever the tongues of truthful men with pure heart utter,
This is what we regard as authentic news.

saif_ul_malook_087Har mushkil de kunji yaaroon mardaan de hath aee,
Mard nigaah karan jis wailey, mushkil rahey naa kaee.

The key to solving every difficulty is in the hands of true men,
When they pay attention, troubles run away.

saif_ul_malook_088Jaan khetee da kakh naa rehyaa, naa sukkaa na haryaa,
Kis kam duph sukawan waaley, kis kam baddal wahyaa.

When the field is destroyed,
the sun and rain are of no use to it.

saif_ul_malook_089Uchaa naan rakhaaya jis ney, chullhey de which o sarryaa,
Neevaa ho ke langh Muhammad, langh jaaey ga arryaa.

He who is named Uchchaa (pincer) burns in the fire,
O my dear Mohammad! Be humble and bow, you will pass through easily.

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Selected poetry from Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh Saheb’s “Saif-ul-Malook”. English translation by Khamosh Tamashai.


Iqbal Bahu


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(Part 4 of 8 )

saif_ul_malook_57The pots of the nori, filled with tears, turn and empty them into soul,
Not for every will this hustle be, nor the good times.


If love has been absorbed by a heart, it never leavers it,
Even if it comes a thousand beauties, the beloved is never exchanged.

saif_ul_malook_59Your support is my refuge O Allah., I cannot think of anything else
The lamp which you light yourself, how can anybody extinguish?


The key of every difficulty, my friend, has been acquired by men,
When men pray, no difficulty remains.

saif_ul_malook_61To talk of the special in front of the ordinary is not at all appropriate,
(It is like) cooking a sweet dessert and placing in front of dogs.

saif_ul_malook_62Not for ever the bulbul sings in the garden, not for ever is the enjoyment of spring,
Not for ever is mother, Father, Beauty, Youth; not for ever is the company of friends.

saif_ul_malook_63Not for ever will the waterfowl sit, not for ever will the water be high,
Not for ever will the girlfriends have their hair braided, not for ever will they will wear the lipstick.

saif_ul_malook_64The companions are being carried away (to grave), we will also be carried away,
We won’t again get hold of this time, Muhammad, after it passes.

saif_ul_malook_65Not for ever the palms red with henna, not for ever will the bangles make a sound,
Not for ever, wearing their jewelry, will the friends sit together in company.

saif_ul_malook_66ANot for ever will the paper be sold in the bazaar, not for ever will the hustle be in the cities,
Not forever is the good time of youth, not for ever are these waves in the river.

saif_ul_malook_66BHow many times I have broken my Tawbah? I am not trustworthy,
Again I offered Tawbah at your doorstep, please forgive, O the one who forgives.

saif_ul_malook_67Black faced, ashamed, Sinner, How can I come to you door?
Raising a convict to the level of a friend is your golden generosity.

saif_ul_malook_68In the world who did no help in bad and good times,
From that useless companion, friends are better alone.

saif_ul_malook_69One should not be proud of immense beauty, who is the inheritor of beauty?
Not for ever will the branches be green, not for ever will be the flower of the garden.

saif_ul_malook_70Grant me perfect love, O Allah; may I turn my face away from all else,
May I know only One, see only Only, say and seek only One.

saif_ul_malook_71He gardens, spring, thousand of flowers, I cannot smell the fragrance anywhere,
From nowhere could I smell the fragrance of the friend, I spent the life in this hope.

saif_ul_malook_72A sad person listen to what a sad person has to say, he recognize its value,
What is that sad person who does not share the secret with a sad man?

saif_ul_malook_73Without the appointed hour, soul doesn’t leave the body, one cannot leave the world,
The tough one holds the pains, Muhammad, one is powerless to do anything.

saif-ul-malooks_74Without asking, you fulfill longings, immeasurable, countless,
For the kindness which you bestowed on me, I am grateful with every breath.

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