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by Kartar Singh Duggal

Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa
Your love has made me dance like mad

Tere Ishq ne dera mere andar keeta
Bhar ke zeher payala main taan aape peeta,
Jhabde wahudi tabiba nahin te main mar gaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

Falling in love with you
Was like taking a sip of poison
Come my healer, forsaken, I am sad.
Your love has made me dance like mad

Chupp giyah ve suraj bahar reh gayi laali
Ve main sadqey hova, Devein murrjey wikhali
Peera main bhul gaiyaan tere naal na gaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

The sun has set, its flush only is left
I’ll give my life for a glimpse of you
My fault I came not when when you bade
Your love has made me dance like mad.

Ais Ishq de kolon mainu hatak na maaye
Laahu jaandre berrey kehrramorlaya
Meri aqal jun bhulli naal mhaniyaan dey gaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

Dissuade me not from the path of love
Who can hold the boats on the move?
Stupid, I joined the boatman’s squad
Your love has made me dance like mad

Ais Ishq Di Jhangi Wich Mor Bulenda
Sanu Qibla Ton Qaaba Sohna Yaar Disenda
Saanu Ghayal Karke Pher Khabar Na Laaiyaan
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

A peacock calls in the grove of passion
It’s Qibla, It’s Kaaba where lives my love
You asked not once after you stabbed
Your love has made me dance like mad

Bullah Shah na aounda mainu Inayat de buhe
Jisne mainu awaye chole saave te suhe
Jaan main maari aye addi mil paya hai vahaiya
Tere Ishq nachaiyaan kar key thaiyaa thaiyaa

Bulleh Shah Sits at Inayat’s door
Who has dressed me in green and red
And caught me the instant I flew from the pad
Your love has made me dance like mad

Abida Parveen

Shazia Manzoor

Wadali Brothers

Riaz Ali Qadri (Dir: Shoaib Mansoor)

Sona Mohapatra


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by Kartar Singh Duggal

Bas ker jee hun bas ker jee
Ek baat asaan naal hans ker jee

Enough is enough
Talk to me with smile

Tusi dil wich merey wasdey-o
Aywein sathoon door kion nasdey-o
Naaley ghaat jadoo dil khasdey-o
Bas ker jee hun bas ker jee

You live in my heart
And yet you me beguile
I am charmed with your name on my lip
You try as usual and give me a slip
Enough is enough

Tusi moyiaan noo maar mukadey se
Naat khaddoon wang kuthandey se
Gal kardia da gala gutheey se
Hun teer lagaya kas ker jee
Bas ker jee hun bas ker jee

You killed the ones who was already dead
Tossed like a ball with your baton on head
You choked my words in my throat
Your arrow hit the quarry and smote
Enough is enough

Tusi chupdey-o asan pakrrey-o
Asaan naal zulf dey jukrrey-o
Tusi ajey chupan toon takrrey-o
Hun jaan na milda nas ker jee
Bas ker jee hun bas ker jee

Trying to hide, I’ve caught you
Tied you with the lock of my hair
You are yet trying to flee
This time I’ll allow no plea
Enough is enough

Bulleh Shah mai teri bardi-aan
Tera mukh wekhaan noo mardi-aan
Nit so so mintan kardi -aan
hun beth hijr wich dhas ker jee
Bas ker jee hun bas ker jee

Says Bulleh, I am your slave, my Master
I long to have a glimpse of you
I plead with you time and again
Make ky heart your shell of an oyster
Enough is enough

Wadali Brothers

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Lyrics with Translation:

Alif Allah chambe di booti, Murshid man wich laaee hoo
Nafee asbaat da pane milia, Har rage harjae hoo.
Andar booti mushk machaya, Jaan phullan te aae hoo
Jeeve Murshid Kaamil Bahu, Jain eh booti laee hoo

My Master Has Planted in My Heart the Jasmine of Allah’s Name.
Both My Denial That the Creation is Real and My Embracing of God, the Only Reality, Have Nourished the Seedling Down to its Core.
-When the Buds of Mystery Unfolded Into the Blossoms of Revelation, My Entire Being Was Filled with God’s Fragrance.
-May the Perfect Master Who Planted this Jasmine in My Heart Be Ever Blessed, O Bahu!

Allaah parhion hafiz hoion, Na giaa hijabon pardaa hoo
Parhh parhh aalim faazil hoion, Taalib hoion zar daa hoo
Lakh hazar kitabaan parhiaan, Zaalim nafs na mardaa hoo
Baajh Faqeraan kise na mareya, Eho chor andar daa hoo

-You Have Read the Name of God Over and Over, You Have Stored the Holy Qur’an in Your Memory, But this Has Still Not Unveiled the Hidden Mystery.
-Instead, Your Learning and Scholarship Have Sharpened Your Greed for Worldly Things,
-None of the Countless Books You’ve Read in Your Life Has Destroyed Your Brutal Ego.
-Indeed, None But the Saints Can Kill this Inner Thief, for it Ravages the Very House in Which it Lives.

Alif-aihad jad dittee wiskaalee, Az khud hoiaa fane hoo
Qurb, Wisaal, Maqaam na Manzil, Na uth jism na jaanee hoo
Na uth Ishq Muhabbat kaee, Na uth kaun makanee hoo
Aino-ain theeose Bahu, Sirr Wahadat Subhanee hoo

-When the One Lord Revealed Himself to Me, I Lost Myself in Him.
-Now There is Neither Nearness Nor Union. There is No Longer A Journey to Undertake, No Longer A Destination to Reach.
-Love Attachment, My Body and Soul and Even the Very Limits of Time and Space Have All Dropped From My Consciousness.
-My Separate Self Has Merged in the Whole: in That, O Bahu, Lies the Secret of the Unity That is God!

Allaah sahee keetose jis dam, Chamkiaa Ishq agohaan hoo
Raat dihaan de taa tikhere, Kare agohaan soohaan hoo
Andae bhaaheen, Andar baalan, Andar de wch dhoohaan hoo
‘Shaah Rag’ theen Raab nerhe laddhaa, Ishq keetaa jad soohaan hoo

-The Moment I Realized the Oneness of God, the Flame of His Love Shone Within, to Lead Me On.
-Constantly it Burns in My Heart with Intense Heat, Revealing the Mysteries Along My Path.
-This Fire of Love Burns Inside Me with No Smoke, Fuelled by My Intense Longing for the Beloved.
-Following the Royal Vein, I Found the Lord Close By. My Love Has Brought Me Face to Face with Him.

Alif alast suniaa dil mere, Jind balaa kookendee hoo
Hubb watan dee haalib hoee, Hik pal saun na dendee hoo
Qaihar pave is raazan duneeaa, Haq daa raah marendee hoo
Aashiq mool qabool na Bahu, Zaaro zaar ruvendee hoo

When, At the Time of Creation, God Separated Me From Himself, I Heard Him Say: “am I Not Your God?” , “indeed You Are,” Cried My Soul, Reassured. Since Then Has My Heart Flowered.
-With the Inner Urge to Return Home, Giving Me Not A Moment of Calm Here on Earth.
-May Doom Strike this World! it Robs Souls on Their Way to God.
-The World Has Never Accepted His Lovers; They Are Persecuted and Left to Cry in Pain.

Iqbal Baho


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Alam Lohar


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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Pathanay Khan

Owais Raza Qadri

Wadali Brothers

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Ali Zafar & Tufail Ahmed (Coke Studio)

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